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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Unsolved Question About Our Universe

“For thousands of years, people have wondered about the universe. Did it stretch out forever or was there a limit? And where did it all come from? Did the universe have a beginning, a moment of creation? Or had the universe existed forever? The debate between these two views raged for centuries without reaching any conclusions. Personally, I’m sure that the universe began with a hot Big Bang. But will it go on forever? If not, how will it end? I’m much less certain about that. The expansion of the universe spreads everything out, but gravity tries to pull it all back together again. Our destiny depends on which force will win.”-Professor Stephen W. Hawking


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Was The Universe Created by God Creation Or the Big Bang Theory?

A subject of constant debate around the world today is whether or not there is a God that created us and everything around us. Many people are uncertain as to what to believe, and call themselves agnostics. Many people also claim to be atheist, believing that there is absolutely no God. The atheistic position is very inconsistent, however, because it based on the idea that because there is supposedly no visible or tangible evidence of a God, then one does not exist. The only problem with this is that if you yourself have not checked under every rock and behind every tree, then to say there is no God is pure opinion and belief. Therefore, the agnostic position is much more consistent than the atheistic position.

We now turn to theistic position, which is that there is in fact a God that created everything. The first and most obvious reason to believe in God is the mere fact that our universe exists. The various properties of universe, namely time, space and matter require us to conclude that there had to be a beginning to the universe. Even the most atheistic scientists in the world will tell you that the universe had a beginning and is not eternal. The universe, quite simply, has not always existed. We can figure this out simply by looking at the fact that our universe is governed by cause and effect. If you were able to trace every event backwards in time, there must have been an initial first cause. You can not have an infinite regression of causes and effects.

With the irrefutable fact that the universe had a beginning set before us, many people who refuse to believe in a God have come up with various theories to explain the beginning of the universe. The most common theory of all is the "Big Bang Theory." Without diving into the specifics of the big bang theory, the over arching premise behind it is an attempt to explain the beginning of our universe. When it boils down, the big bang theory basically tries to explain how our universe came from nothing. Everything coming from nothing, as you may have guessed, is impossible. But that doesn't stop people from believing in the big bang theory.

It must also be noted that people have a "belief" in the big bang theory. That is to say that it is their own personal religion. It is a theory and nothing more. People who claim it to be scientific fact have no clue as to how science is conducted. Science deals with things that can be tested, observed, and repeated. The beginning of the universe can be neither tested, observed, nor repeated and therefore will always remain a theory in which people must place their faith. Ask yourself a simple question. Which makes more sense: Everything coming from nothing, or everything coming from something which always existed to begin with? That is, the eternal God.

People will often ask the question: "Who created God?" This question simply doesn't make sense. If God was created, then he would no longer be God. God is eternal, and has always existed. There was no beginning to God, and there will be no end. God is not bound by time, in fact he created time. We who exist within the bounds of time and space within this universe can not begin to understand the idea of an eternal being, but we can understand the idea that God was not created and yet is the creator of all things that are created.

Another logical reason to believe in the creation of the universe by God is because it would then give the universe and everything in it a "Purpose." As we have heard from Agent Smith in the movie "The Matrix," without purpose we would not exist. So ask yourself another question. If the big bang theory is true, for what reason did it happen in the first place? For what reason would everything come from nothing? Does it not make far more sense that everything was created by an eternal God for a specific purpose? Again, logic seems to be on the side of the creationist.

Ask yourself these important questions and come to a decision. Does the universe have a purpose? Did the universe have a beginning? If so, did everything come from nothing, or from something? Think long and hard on these things using logic to reach your conclusions. You will surely find that believe in creation is far more logical and consistent than believing in the big bang theory.