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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Origin of the Universe

I invite you to travel. Let set in the heart of life by looking at the wire articles, its major events to better understand. Our first destination: the Big Bang. First, recall the current scientific theory about it. It are 10 or 15 billion years, a huge explosion took place everywhere simultaneously. Science believes that it was generated living in a vacuum, bubbling energy, consisting of particles ghosts and antiparticles, which gave birth to the matter. However, some uncertainties veil theory in the sense that it does not always elucidate several questions regarding the current state of our universe and its exact origin. Then go back in time to meet this moment, this beginning ineffable.

Trying to understand: we see the existence of matter in our environment and we know it is evolving chemically from the initial explosion. Let us now, just before the Big Bang. What do we see? Nothing we know: the seeming nothingness. By definition, nothingness is non-being, which does not exist. How, then what Could not be the source of a creation, a existence? If we can say or write nothing, it is in reality it represents something, otherwise we could name it or even think.

We come then to consider the idea that if there is a "After", there is necessarily a "before", which is neither matter, or of existence. Indeed, what we can perceive with our senses, does not mean that it is not: Science proves it by revealing each new day, realities that it was impossible to identify the day before. But to continue our journey: this being before neither space nor time, since no further material to define it, is something unlimited, indefinite, which arises, however, the material universe. We can then qualify Just before saying that he is a producer, it is Product power not yet materialized. Who says Producer before the big bang, ie outside of space and time, induces the idea of eternity. This leads me to state what I considered a fundamental reality of life: there always there and always there will be a constant state Creator and always able to speak everywhere at once as the Big Bang theory encourages us to think. The Universe material, as it was formed during these billions of years, is an event with its specific form (galaxies, stars, planets ...).

Everything that exists is from this state Creator and if we can say produced the material world, that the fact exist, this implies that He is the origin and cause: A cause acting indicating an eternal principle, infinite unique, permanent creation. Thus, he asserts his position, its purpose is to produce from Himself, of occur Himself. It is its own cause and his own goal. It is everything and all that exists is in Him. Thus, we understand that there is no separation between producer and product: in other words, we can state that the material is inseparable from the spiritual.

This eternal principle, cause and purpose of everything, creating permanent some people call it God, others, RNA, and others speak of chance ... The fact is that failure to give it a name without risking the limit reduced to an interpretation of our mind, we can give this ability to be "permanently," as initiator own home without any endless origins, because out of time!


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